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Any divorce entails preparing documents for court. Contested cases usually require managing more divorce forms, while uncontested ones are simpler in terms of paperwork. When applying for an uncontested marriage dissolution in Mississippi, you can find printable divorce forms on the court’s website or get them from the clerk and use them for pro se proceedings. Besides, you can order case-specific Mississippi uncontested divorce papers from a trustworthy service if you wish to speed up the document preparation process as much as possible.

No matter what option you choose, it is important to understand what standard divorce documents are required by the Mississippi Chancery Court, how to fill them out, and how to file properly. Below, you can find a comprehensive overview of common divorce papers.

Joint Complaint for Absolute Divorce  

It is the first document to complete when preparing Mississippi court forms. When spouses want to divorce amicably, they fill out this legal form to specify that they are in agreement on the terms of a divorce, including such topics as property division, child custody, and financial matters. A divorce process begins when they submit this document to a clerk.

Typically, a Joint Complaint for Absolute Divorce includes the personal information of spouses, their agreements on legal and physical custody, visitation schedules, child support payments if they have minor kids, and an outline of how a couple intends to divide their marital assets and debts.


The spouse signs a summons to court regarding a divorce case
Filling out the divorce summary in Mississippi can be complex and should be done with care, as it involves providing accurate details about the divorce case.

A summons is used to formally notify a defendant about a divorce case. It contains data about the parties involved and the defendant’s legal obligations, including the allocated timeframe to prepare a response and the possible consequences of not doing so.

Civil Cover Sheet

A Civil Case Cover Sheet is a supplementary form filed with other divorce papers. It serves administrative purposes by including a summary of key details about a case for the court’s reference. A plaintiff is typically responsible for filing a Civil Case Cover Sheet, although court rules and local procedures may vary. The form includes basic case information, such as the court’s name, the case number, and some personal details of both parties.

Download Civil Cover Sheet

Child Support Worksheet

A Child Support Worksheet is used to calculate the amount of child support one parent must pay to the other to ensure the financial well-being of their children after a divorce. The form is typically prepared by both parents or their attorneys. Each party must indicate a monthly income they receive from all available sources for the court to make informed and fair decisions.  

After the judge gets all the needed financial data, they will adhere to Mississippi’s child support guidelines to determine the final child support sum.

Financial Statement

The financial statement is an in-depth overview of spouses’ financial situation. It is a necessary part of divorce paperwork when it comes to dividing marital property, calculating child or spousal support, etc.

The paper consists of several sections on income, expenses, liabilities, and other related data of both spouses. If divorcing spouses have dependent children, they also need to describe the expenses associated with them. These can be fees for daycare, health insurance, etc.

In general, this form is needed to ensure transparency and equity when resolving finance-centered issues of a divorce.

Download Financial Statement

Marital Settlement Agreement

If spouses reach a consensus on the core divorce topics, such as property division, alimony, child custody and support, they may draw a Marital Settlement Agreement, which is a legal paper that details their deal. Commonly, they should sign the document in the presence of a notary public for it to have legitimacy. Usually, judges approve this written agreement if it matches state-wide laws. Therefore, a divorce becomes faster and less stressful.

Parenting Plan

Couples completing a parenting plan during their divorce
Completing the parenting plan in a divorce in Mississippi can be challenging, as it requires careful consideration of child custody and visitation arrangements in accordance with state guidelines.

Parents need to prepare this plan to develop a framework for child custody and visitation arrangements after divorce. Following the predetermined and clear guidelines, they can reduce conflicts and disputes, both performing their co-parenting roles and responsibilities.

A parenting plan covers different terms related to raising kids separately, such as visitation hours, transportation and exchange, communication and information sharing, education and extracurricular activities, healthcare and medical decisions, relocation, and more. Besides, parents may describe the process for modifying a plan in the future if circumstances change, such as a parent’s relocation or a child’s evolving needs. Once the plan is finalized and signed by both parents, it is submitted to the court for approval.

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