How Many Times Can You Get Married in Mississippi?

A man and a woman remarry after a divorce

According to Mississippi state law, there is no specific limit on the number of times a person can get married. The law does not impose any restrictions on the total number of marriages an individual may enter into.

Marital Restrictions to Be Aware of in Mississippi

Based on local laws, parties can get married only if they are not currently in an official marriage since bigamy is forbidden in the state. Before a person can enter into a new marriage, the former one should be dissolved in court. So, if you wonder, “How many times can you get married in the state of Mississippi?”, the answer is as many times as you wish, given you don’t violate the state laws and officially end your previous marital relations.

Except for bigamy, there may be several other reasons why marriage is prohibited. It may not be allowed due to age restrictions, blood relationship between parties, mental disability of either party, etc. People considering marriage must be aware of these law requirements to avoid legal difficulties and implications. Let’s look at each of these prohibitions in more detail.

Age Requirement

In most states within the USA, the age when parties can legally enter into a marriage is 18 years old. However, Mississippi is an exception. So, what age can you get married in Mississippi? A wedding here can take place between people of at least 21 years old. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this legal requirement. Any male aged 17 or older and any female aged 15 or older can legally get married. For this, they will need to provide evidence of parental or guardian consent to marriage to the circuit court clerk.

If future husband and wife are under 17 and 15, respectively, they must show good reasons to a judge, and the parents or guardians must agree to the marriage. If the judge finds the request to marry and the evidence provided appropriate, they can waive the age requirement and authorize the clerk to issue the marriage license as long as the parties meet all other legal qualifications.

Blood Relationship

Two cousins hugging and thinking about their future
Marriage between closer blood relatives, such as siblings or parent-child, is illegal in Mississippi, but first cousins can legally marry.

Mississippi law doesn’t approve marriages between individuals who are closely related by blood. Any person cannot wed a sibling, parent, grandchild, etc. These restrictions are in place to prevent forbidden relationships within the state.

Existing Marriage

Another important constraint in Mississippi is the prohibition of bigamy. It entails marrying someone while already being in a legal marriage with another individual. Such action is considered a crime in the state and may potentially result in severe legal penalties.

Mental Capacity

Future spouses must understand the commitment they are making. If either party is found mentally incapacitated and unable to comprehend the results and legal implications of marriage, such union cannot be valid.

Consent (No Forced Marriages)

The state law recognizes the importance of consent, and no person should be forced into a marriage against their will. Marriages that result from coercion or any form of duress are illegal. Both spouses must enter into matrimony willingly and with full understanding of their actions.

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